Exascale Earth System Models to anticipate changes in a Warmer World

WarmWorld will restructure the Earth-system modelling enterprise to best make use of advances in information technology to compute and evaluate kilometer-scale climate trajectories. By further developing an ICON based storm-and-eddy-resolving Earth-system (SR-ESM) model, WarmWorld will develop innovative workflows to make the information contained within the projected trajectories transparent to application communities. At the same time it will help harmonise national and international efforts to provide, disseminate, learn from, and use the highest possible quality of climate information.


Faster Verbundstreffen Karlsruhe
Nearly a year after WarmWorld’s initial kickoff, Faster convened for an in-person meeting at KIT in Karlsruhe.


Easier Verbundstreffen Cologne
On the 2nd and 3rd of November the first annual Easier in-person meeting commenced at the University of Cologne


Latest updates on OpenMP standard and its support in main compilers were discussed in Bristol, UK.


Open job positions

We are hiring! Help us to make global climate models perform better, run faster, and easier to work with and apply to one of the following job positions. Several of our partner institutes spread across Germany are in need of brilliant brains and we especially encourage women to join us and become part of the WarmWorld team!

  • Research software engineer for Earth-system model data at JSC in Jülich (apply by 17.9.2023) -> read more
  • Research Software Engineer at MPIM in Hamburg (apply by 15.12.2023) -> read more