The Better module is defining and testing the model configurations (ICON and IFS-FESOM) in preparation for Phase 2, which will effectively enable and harvest the additional information content SR-ESMs can provide.

Better will do its part for the mothership WarmWorld by contributing to the global objective goal 1:

An ICON based coupled model configuration capable of being run, with an acceptable simulation quality, on km scale (2.5km global grids or finer), with a throughput of >0.5SYPD (simulated years per day) at the start of Phase 2 (planned 2026).

Practically this means that Better assumes responsibility for fine-tuning processes needed to best represent the vertical structure of the atmosphere, capture land-atmosphere interactions, and establish a balanced energy budget to support long-term applications.

The Roadmap

The ambitious goals in Better will be pursued in four activity groups:

  • AG 1: Establishing a final configuration of ICON for use in Phase 2
  • AG 2: Advance readiness of IFS-FESOM
  • AG 3: Development of a stand-alone land model with improved hydrology
  • AG 4: Development of an innovative particle model

After fine-tuning critical ICON model components, Better will provide and support a system for shadowing, and thus assessing, ICON-based future projections – so-called Simulation ghosts, for IFS-FESOM.

Project partners: