To translate the new quality of information about climate trajectories and new directions in simulations by going through storm-resolving resolutions into an intuitive and reproducible language, the Easier module aims to develop workflows around generically addressable objects. By encapsulating the information content of ICON, IFS and observational ESA/EUMETSAT/Copernicus data streams, such as those from measurement networks, e.g., ACTRIS, Easier will tackle the global objective goal 3: An integrated workflow that exposes the information content of the ICON modelling system alongside IFS-based solutions and observational data in ways that leverage the intuition of users and supports innovation.

The Roadmap

Create a federated data system and the tools to exploit the data extending into application tools and prototypes to discover climate information in a new way.

  • Preparing a data-centric ICON workflow to manage the exascale data streams envisioned in WarmWorld.
  • Establishing a harmonized access to simulation systems and their output at DKRZ, JSC and ECMWF through the use of common interfaces and analysis back-ends -> Mission to MARS
  • Prototype exascale analysis workflows that abstract the analysis from the information source, including observational ESA/EUMETSAT and measurement networks such as ACTRIS and IAGOS.

Mission to MARS will expand the capabilities of the FDB/MARS-language workflow
to ICON. A new concept, Futures, will be introduced to virtualize data. Futures will be used to provide derived quantities and to extract features from output. It could also be extended to re-run old or start new experiments.

Project partners: