REGISTRATION OPEN! – 4th km scale hackathon

by Julian Asbaeck

NextGEMS, WarmWorld’s closely connected sister project, has already hosted three cycles of successful hackathons. We now look forward to the 4th km-scale-hackathon co-organized by EERIE, WarmWorld and NextGEMS.

Please join us for one week of hacking, finding bugs, fixing bugs, and a lot of fun from March 4th to 8th March 2024 in Hamburg, Germany.

Following NextGEMS’ previous hackathons, this one too will closely engage with topics manifested in the NextGEMS proposal, such as marine ecosystems and fisheries. This will entail exploring such themes intensely in the newest simulations of IFS-FESOM and ICON models, identifying bugs, and bringing forth improvements. In this context, the work around model development pursued at the hackathon will be of great relevance to the problems raised in WarmWorld.

The format of the hackathon centrally aims to connect researchers and foster collaboration in small groups. If you haven’t been to a hackathon, have a look at the NextGEMS Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Cycle 3 hackathons to get an impression of the atmosphere.


Continuing the tradition of the previous hackathons, NextGEMS is also opening a call for stipend applications to support participation to the 4th km scale hackathon. Refer to this page for more details.


If you are interested in participating in the hackathon, please register here until the January 1st, 2024.

The event will charge a EUR 150 participation fee. Once your participation is confirmed, you will also receive the instructions for the payment.


Please visit the event page for more details about the hackathon.

For any additional questions, please contact the nextGEMS project office at