Better Verbundstreffen Leipzig

by Julian Asbaeck

Monday and Tuesday this week marked the first installment of annual meetings of WarmWorld’s Better module. Kindly hosted by Johannes Quaas in the new building of the Leipzig Institute for Meteorology, the in-person meeting provided a welcome opportunity to present ongoing work and to discuss prospective steps.

Guided by Better’s activity profile, the meeting focused on more effective and accurate representation of microphysics in the ICON model. The contributions ranged from a proposition to implement a Super Droplet Model to lessen uncertainties in cloud microphysics (Clara Bayley, MPI-M), to the potential application of AI methods for an effective management of computational resources in climate simulation and an improved understanding of cloud microphysics (Miriam Simm, KIT). Equally, Better’s target to more realistically represent turbulent mixing at km-scale (Reiner Schur, MPI-M) was discussed alongside the coupling of the Parflow hydrological model to ICON-land (Jan Weinkämmerer, FZ Jülich). Ultimately, the promising work presented at the meeting aims to slot into a modularized and flexible model architecture; Claudia Frauen (DKRZ) provided an overview of workflows in WarmWorld, discussed ICON’s target systems, and presented the YAC library through which external components are coupled to ICON.

The Better working group’s overarching aim toward establishing more refined representations of physical processes, while building a modularized and computationally efficient model architecture, formed the mutual current between the present positions. The workshop concluded in a collective discussion on future developments and their integration into purposeful test simulations.

In aiming to provide specific and detailed insights into Better’s activity groups, we are excited to announce upcoming blog-posts related to the meeting’s presentations. Stay tuned to learn more!