Faster at PASC23

by Claudia Frauen

Highlights from WarmWorld Faster contributions to the PASC23 conference in Davos.

The Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) Conference 2023 held in the Swiss village of Davos presented the ideal opportunity for the Faster team to meet and present the project and ongoing work to the scientific community. Team members from DKRZ, MPI-M, KIT and ECMWF took advantage of the opportunities presented by the three-day conference dedicated to the topic of “Computing Across Scales, Domains, and Communities”. In the mini-symposium “Towards Weather and Climate Digital Twins at the Example of the ICON and IFS-FESOM Models” Claudia Frauen from DKRZ gave an overview presentation “ICON on the Way to Exascale – Current Status and Steps towards Scalable Development”. This was followed by Yen-Chen Chen from KIT who presented examples of the ongoing work in Faster by “Modernizing the ICON Codebase through Language-Interoperable Memory Management and a Consistent Test”. More details on this were also presented by Claudius Holeksa from KIT on a poster “A Language-Interoperable C++-Based Memory-Manager for the ICON Climate and Weather Prediction Model”. Besides the scientific sessions, the conference also presented ample opportunities to meet and exchange with colleagues e.g., from the strategically important partner projects EXCLAIM and DestinE. We are looking forward to PASC24 in Zürich!