Warmworld Has Started

WarmWorld started with it’s module Faster for an ambitious journey into

the ICON code base. Faster ties in with the findings and ongoing developments in it’s preparatory project preWarmWorld. In only four years, the ICON code base will be transformed into an open, scalable, modularized and flexible code named ICON-consolidated. Restructuring the code base enables a scalable development that allows the simulation systems to compute more efficiently, and hence faster. Speaking in technical terms, we target a throughput of >0.5 simulated years per day for a fully (land, ocean, atmosphere) coupled model configuration running with an acceptable simulation quality on 2.5 km scale or finer. A comprehensive description of Faster can be found here.

If you can imagine joining our journey as a scientist or programmer, check out our job openings!

Participating institutions: DKRZ (lead), MPI-M, KIT, FZJ, AWI, DWD, ECMWF