WarmWorld Kickoff Meeting

Theresa Mieslinger
by Theresa Mieslinger

ECMWF hosts our first in-person meeting in Bonn.

On 8-9 December 2022 we met at the new ECMWF facility in Bonn to officially kick off the project by bringing together about 70 people from working groups involved in the project itself, as well as the larger community working in associated projects: ACROSS, nextGEMS (Horizon2020), Destination Earth (DestinE), EERIE (Horizon Europe), EXCLAIM (Swiss national funding). While the module Faster has had it’s start already on 1 September, the group used to gathering for their first “Verbundtreffen”. The modules Better and Easier will start in March 2023. Nevertheless, PIs and further scientists and programmers used the chance to meet, refine their work plans and destill common efforts with associated projects.

Thanks to ECMWF for hosting us and allowing the programmers, scientists and coordinators to meet and exchange ideas and plans!