PreWarmWorld aims at developing a blueprint describing how the ICON codebase should be written to:

  • enable agile development and execution of coupled ICON storm and ocean eddy-resolving simulations in a computationally diverse, fast-evolving exascale compute environment;
  • foster effective and scalable developments of the codebase.

The Roadmap

PreWarmWorld is concerned with the technical software infrastructure for the ICON model and its related tools for the scientific use cases targeted by the planned WarmWorld projects.

PreWarmWorld is tasked with the:

  • development of an ICON software blueprint driven by scientific requirements focusing on modularization, interfaces and responsibilities;
  • design of a prototype of the blueprint, consisting of a gross refactoring of the code to enable autonomous development of the major computational components (e.g., sub-grid scale atmospheric processes, land, or radiation);
  • performance portable and maintainable implementation of one major physical and one infrastructural component;
  • update of the software blueprint based on evolving best practices, hardware requirements and evaluation of initial implementation;
  • propose options for a software development management strategy alongside the actual software development (akin to best practices of open source projects).

As a result of the two-year preWarmWorld phase, the software blueprint and an initial implementation should be in place to foster a more scalable development of those parts of the code necessary for scientific reasons that will follow in WarmWorld itself.

Project partners: